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Add: 2th/F, No.29 Pingcheng West Road, Haicang, Xiamen, China 

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    Founded in 1994. Our company is one of manufacture of brass quick couplings, hose connectors, fittings, water nozzle and adjustable squirt gun, water jet, washing gun and nozzle, hose holder and PVC hose, air pressure coupling, air blow gun, water tap, valve and various OEM brass forging parts. The products are used for  industrial, commercial, cleaning and agricultural irrigation use.

    Quality is our life and policy. It's not just a story in our company. Each piece of articles is inspected individually. We have had a quality team to work from start of order to the delivery.

Brass claw-lock hose coupling
Brass Standard Hose Connector with Stopper
Adjustable Standard Hose Nozzle
Industrial Washing Gun - Standard
Metal Water Gun
86-764 Aluminum Spray Gun
86-769 Aluminum Water Spray Gun
86-755 Spray Gun
52-487B AL Spray lance
53-026B AL Spray Lance
52-207B Aluminum Spray Lance
Stainless Steel Hose Trolley Cart
PVC Hose Kit with Brass Connector and Holder
Aluminum Hose Holder, Heavy Type

Add: 2th/F, No.29 Pingcheng West Road, Haicang, Xiamen, China
Tel: +86 592 6519968    Fax: +86 592 6519970    E-mail: HYGARTECH@188.com