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Add: No.2 Industrial Building, No.6 Zhongcang Road, Xiamen,China


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Brass claw-lock hose coupling
Brass Standard Hose Connector with Stopper
Adjustable Standard Hose Nozzle
Industrial Washing Gun - Standard
Metal Water Gun
86-764 Aluminum Spray Gun
86-769 Aluminum Water Spray Gun
86-755 Spray Gun
52-487B AL Spray lance
53-026B AL Spray Lance
52-207B Aluminum Spray Lance
Stainless Steel Hose Trolley Cart
PVC Hose Kit with Brass Connector and Holder
Aluminum Hose Holder, Heavy Type

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Add: No.2 Industrial Buliding, No.6 Zhongcang Road, Xiamen, China
Tel: +86 592 6519968    Fax: +86 592 6519970    E-mail: Daisy@HY-Coupling.com