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 Brass click coupling, nozzle

Standard Connector with Stopper & TPE Cover
Standard Hose Connector with Cover, Heavy Duty
Brass Connector with Protective Cover
Adjustable Hose Nozzle with Protective Cover
Brass Connector with Swivel Elbow 90 Degree
Brass Straight Connect
Brass Three Way Y - Connect
Brass Hose Connects
Automatic Coupling with 3/4" Female Thread
Brass Female Connector with Transfer Adaptor
Brass Female Connector
Brass Male Connector
Brass Standard Hose Connector
Brass Standard Hose Connector with Stopper
Adjustable Standard Hose Nozzle

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Add: No.2 Industrial Buliding, No.6 Zhongcang Road, Xiamen, China
Tel: +86 592 6519968    Fax: +86 592 6519970    E-mail: Daisy@HY-Coupling.com